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 I turned out of an alley, around a corner toward a small bridge over one of the side canals, and there it was. I bought two oranges for 1.41 pounds when I passed it again on the way home.
Home is where the heart is -- so your real home is in your chest.


What I Do

        "You hire an editor when you are ready to spend money to hear that you have more work to do. That may sound obvious, but I've met many an author who hired an editor as a last step to validation, as the stamp of approval that would mean she could now safely publish. If you are not totally clear that hiring an editor means you will have more work to do, then you are not ready."

-- A wonderful quote from

A Writer's Guide to Persistence 

       I work mainly with genre fiction, specifically fantasy and science fiction and their sub-genres, but I also love horror.

      There are several different kinds of editing, but the two that I do, and excel at, are line and content. Especially content.

      Line editing is editing for tone, style, and flow--focusing on polishing the author's words to improve the overall effect and suggesting improvements in word choice, sentence structure, and meaning to increase the impact of the writer's message. As the title suggests, a line editor meticulously goes through every single line of text. This is the kind of editing where you identify weaknesses in the way the story is written.

      Content editing (also called substantive or developmental editing), is more involved and more subjective. This kind of editing is bigger picture, checking for logic holes, inconsistencies, and weak spots in plot and story structure, character development, conflict arcs, setting, and pacing, then suggesting possible solutions for any issues found. This is the kind of editing where you identify weaknesses in the storytelling.

      I will do my best work for you, but keep in mind that the more polished the text you send me is, the less time it will take me to work on it, and the less it will hurt your wallet! From my experience you will get the most out of my time if you've given your MS a couple of passes already.


      Usually I carry a backlog with a wait time, so to help counteract that a little, at least for smaller projects, I offer an afterhours rate for which some authors might jump the line. Space is limited.


      I also offer consultation calls to help you get your MS into shape before you start writing, or even during the writing process; I'll help you problem-solve and deliver a more polished MS that will take less time and money to have edited.

 Please contact me with questions.

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