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      Sometimes you just get stuck. Sometimes you need an experienced ear to bounce an outline off of. Sometimes you can't see the holes in a story and you want to make it as airtight as possible before starting to write. Sometimes you just need a book doctor. These are some of the things we can discuss in a consultation call.

      Honestly, I love these phone calls. It is wonderful to be able to work in real time on a story with an author. My goal is to assist you in getting past your stumbling block, help you figure out your outline, work through your conflicts, your pacing, your characters, your settings, your target audience, save you hours of writing or rewriting time, and make sure you hang up feeling enthusiastic and energized.

      Calls are fairly easy to work into my schedule and generally last 45-90 minutes at my afterhours rate. Please check out the testimonials to see how these calls have helped others, and if you are interested, let's schedule one!

Consultation Calls

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