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Rate $50/hr

      To assure best availability for your desired time-frame, please make your reservation as early as possible.


      Reservations: Once we decide to work together I will ask for an $800 deposit to hold a reservation in my schedule. If you cancel 61+ days from your reservation, the deposit is refundable; if you cancel 31-60 days from your reservation, it is half refundable; if you cancel 30 days or less in advance, it is nonrefundable. 

      Deposits: Once we're ready to start, I'll ask for your MS and the funds to bring your deposit equal to half the low estimate. The balance is due upon receipt of your completed edit.

      Afterhours: I often accept flash fiction, short stories, novellas, back-cover copy, and the like, in addition to my normal work to edit after my regular day's quota. For $60/hr, this allows some people to jump the line and get their project done sooner. These spots are limited, and vary based on my workload, so if you're interested, ask for availability.

      So, for example, if you had a 3,000-word/12-page short story, I might accept that project to work on during evenings and have it back to you in a week for $96-120 if it runs a fairly standard average range of 8-10 minutes per page.

      For further information, and comparative purposes, here is the Editorial Freelance Association's editorial rate breakdown that SFWA links to:

Please contact me with questions.

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