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         "Not only is Joshua friendly and approachable, but he understands genre fiction inside and out. He asks the right questions, highlights the best parts of a story concept, and identifies areas for improvement with spot-on suggestions.
    "One of the best editors in the business for sci-fi and fantasy fiction!"

-- Claire Winn

 author of City of Shattered Light

    "Josh is a great person to talk to about editing woes! During consultations about my stories, he's clear and receptive. I need structure and he's really great at listening to me and responding with outlining framework that fits with my writing ethic. With his help, I'm able to draft with more direction and get more done during my writing session. Can't wait to talk with him again!"

-- Stephan McLeroy

 Founder, Prism Ghostwriting

    "I had the pleasure of utilizing Joshua's talents once before, at the end of a book I had written. While I raved about his assistance at the time, I now understand the days and days of rewriting I might have saved myself if I had been able to discuss my story with him before putting it all to paper.

    "The experience of having someone to talk to about plot, characters, and world, who not only listens but provides clear and insightful feedback is amazing. Joshua sees the story not only in terms of narrative, but also as a structure, building a scaffolding alongside the writer, and linking scene to scene to scene. As a result, he is able to offer advice from an entirely different perspective that substantively, and dramatically, improves the work.

    "At the end of our phone call, I was excited and eager to leap back into the writing. I felt like a kid with a chest full of brand new toys, and I couldn't wait to play with them. I will absolutely be calling on Joshua again, and anyone should feel confident doing the same."


-- Kevin Pettway

author of the Misplaced Mercenaries series, Heroes of Lesser Earth webcomic, and the Wars of Brighthaven books

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