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   "I wanted to take my work to the next level, and Joshua Essoe helped me do that and more. His line editing skills are top-notch, but most valuable were the comments he made on content. He understood what would make my story better and made many insightful suggestions. He caught things that I, and others, missed, such as dropped scenes, and even a character who vanished because I forgot to put him back in where he was needed after a former revision.


   "Any questions I had, he answered, and he made himself available to talk about anything I needed to during the process. I learned a great deal from Joshua. Working with him was a pleasure, and I recommend him to anyone looking for an editor who will not just shine up your work, but also make you a better writer."


-- Tiffany Brazell, author of The Destroyer's Empire trilogy


   "I met Joshua Essoe at one of David Farland's writing workshops. As we went around the room and critiqued each other's work, Joshua's comments stood out as both professionally delivered, thorough, and right on the money. Based on only twenty pages of a work in progress, he tapped into certain writing habits and offered valuable advice. I figured he could be fiercely effective with a full manuscript.   

    "Fast forward six months. With my first novel, Knight of Flame, in hand and ready for a critical view beyond my own revisions and a small cadre of readers, I sent it to Joshua. What I got back blew me away. Not only did he uncover the line edits and missing words and Captain Grammar stuff, but he got into the heads of the characters and tracked their growth through the myriad plotlines. His suggestions always focused on ways to enhance certain traits to deliver a stronger emotional beat or to reign in an overzealous author when he got a little heavy handed.  


   "Joshua brought this same care and attention to the plotlines and relationships throughout the novel, offering excited suggestions about different ways to look at a scene or a string of events. Not once did I feel he was trying to put his own spin on the story. With every comment he made, and there were lots and lots of those, I truly felt that he sought to uncover the best my work had to offer."


-- Scott Eder, author of The Chronicles of the Knights Elementalis


   "Working with Joshua was both a pleasure and an educational experience. From the first step of the process to the last email, Joshua was both professional and personable. I truly felt like I was working with someone who had not only the skills to help me improve my project, but the desire as well. By the time my interactions with Joshua were complete I not only had a better story, I emerged as a better writer as well.

   "I would recommend Joshua Essoe’s editing services without hesitation!"


-- Dave Heyman, author of the Fractured Everest series, The Fifth Interdictor, & Aethermancer's Rise series


   "In the past year, I decided to try and make a serious go at turning writing into a career. While I've had plenty of readers and critique groups in the past, I knew if I really wanted to make it, I'd need to find an editor who knows what the full process looks like, someone who could really gut my work.

   "Joshua was as brilliant an editor as I could've hoped for. He provided sample pages to see if we'd be a good fit, something I greatly appreciated during my search. His comments and criticisms were spot on, pointing out all the best elements to draw out, while also drawing attention to grammatical and mechanical ticks I need to curb in the future.

   "Joshua also provided me with tons of resources on setting descriptions, action sequences, pacing, and dialogue. He's given me the tools to not only clean up Viewbox, but all the other manuscripts I've written and all the ones to come as well."


-- Trevor Adamo, author of Viewbox

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