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   "Of all the editors I queried, none provided the level of detail that Joshua Essoe provided. I was blown away by the number and thoughtfulness of his comments in the sample I gave him. I knew he was the editor for me. 


   "He provided suggestions to potential problems that over half a dozen beta-readers missed, caught spelling errors and dropped words, and helped me tighten my prose. The quality of his edits were certainly not affected by his fast turnaround.


   "His efforts at editing [my stories] has helped me improve as a writer and I certainly plan to use him for my future work."


-- Joshua P. Simon, author of the Blood and Tears series, The Tyrus Chronicles, and The Epic of Andrasta and Rondel


   "I believe the biggest benefit Joshua Essoe brings to an author is NOT his line edits, which are thorough and exacting. Truthfully, many people know how to apply the Chicago manual faithfully. Where I found Josh's feedback invaluable was his content feedback and observations.


   "Joshua has an uncanny ability to find inconsistencies in story lines or has observations that an author might find surprising. However, after the observation settles in the author's mind for a bit, you find yourself agreeing with his observation and inevitably are kicking yourself for not having thought of it in the first place.


   "In the end, using Josh as an editor will improve most any manuscript, and once the author gets over the shock from the sea of red ink, he will be glad for having engaged Josh's services. Your manuscript will be better for it."


-- Michael A. Rothman, author of The Prophecies series, Primordial Threat, Princess Interrupted, Running from Destiny, & others


   "It was a pleasure working with Joshua Essoe as my editor. Joshua has a very keen eye for both technical detail and for prose and narrative flow, which is a hard-to-find combination in an editor. I tend to be very particular about the language I use, but time and again Joshua was able to recommend clearer and more concise ways to convey the spirit of the story, all the while respecting what I wanted to say. My novella, Shadowcursed, turned into a much better book because of his work, and has been nominated for a reader's choice award at Big Al's book reviews. I'm happy to recommend him."


-- Gelo Fleisher, author of Shadowcursed


   "Based on his references, I had high expectations for Joshua Essoe's editing prowess. But when I saw the final product, I realized I still hadn't set them high enough. Simply put, the depth and thoroughness of his content edits staggered me. 


   "Joshua finds those parts of your novel that you subconsciously know have problems, even if you don't want to admit it to yourself. Then he goes further, rooting out weaknesses you were completely blind to. Between his exhaustive comments and a thorough critique of what worked in the novel and what didn't, you will feel thoroughly wrung out, then ready to knuckle down and make your novel the best it can possibly be.


   "Whether you are trying to give your novel the extra punch it needs to impress agents and editors, or you are planning on striking off along the indie publishing path, I have absolute confidence that Joshua is the editor for you."


-- Gregory D. Little, author of Unwilling Souls and Ungrateful God


   "I knew what I did. I'm a terrible, terrible person. I sent Joshua the world's worst manuscript. Full of plot holes and logic farts. But he was one hell of a patient man. The notes I got back were beyond invaluable. He found all the book's problems and helped me to overcome each and every one of them. I just wish he wasn't so busy so I could send him everything else."


-- K.D. Alexander, author of Beyond the Black


   "I am working on my first novel. Joshua has made the difference by taking my story to the next level. He is thorough and insightful. He is direct about my weak points, but working with him has left me feeling more hopeful than ever that I can accomplish my dream. I am so grateful for his edit. He *gets* my story and me!"


-- Jill Lewis, author of The Sand Beneath My Feet

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