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Joshua Essoe is a freelance editor with over a decade of full-time work under his belt.

He has edited for bestsellers, Piers Anthony and David Farland, including the multi-award-winning novel, Nightingale. He’s also edited for Dean Lorey, lead writer of Arrested Development, Mark Leslie Lefebvre, former director at Kobo, USA Today bestsellers, Writers of the Future winners, and many other top-notch independents.

He was lead editor at Urban Fantasy Magazine from 2014-2015. From 2012-2015 he recorded the weekly writing podcast Hide and Create with co-hosts Michael J. Sullivan, Diana Rowland, Jay Wells, and Debbie Viguie.

You can find Joshua teaching about editing, pitches, and writing back-cover copy every year at the Superstars Writing Seminars in Colorado. His approach to editing is to help you make your story the best version of itself it can be.

Joshua is also a writer. He was a 2014 finalist in the Writers of the Future contest, and in 2020 released his first book on Kickstarter, book 1 in a 5-book series, each covering two subjects of the most-common issues he sees in fiction writing as a full-time editor.

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