The rain was delicious.   People with umbrellas all the colors of the rainbow were about, shivering and splashing  trusty across squares and down alley. It was cold and wet, but I'm so glad I went. The quiet sounds of the rain-washed water city, the sharp highlights on cobblestones and statues, the damp, musty smell of t good streets, and the kaleidoscon

    "I love developmental calls with Joshua. We go over the outline for my book, and Josh asks helpful questions that point me to plot holes, where I could have stronger character motivations, how I could expand the scope of the world, and more. By the end of the call, I have a much clearer vision, a rock-solid outline, and tons of enthusiasm to dive right into writing the novel."

-- Kristin Luna, author of The Bond, and "The Greggs Family Zoo of Odd and Marvelous Creatures" and other shorts with really long titles.

    "I had the pleasure of utilizing Joshua's talents once before, at the end of a book I had written. While I raved about his assistance at the time, I now understand the days and days of rewriting I might have saved myself if I had been able to discuss my story with him before putting it all to paper.

    "The experience of having someone to talk to about plot, characters, and world, who not only listens but provides clear and insightful feedback is amazing. Joshua sees the story not only in terms of narrative, but also as a structure, building a scaffolding alongside the writer, and linking scene to scene to scene. As a result, he is able to offer advice from an entirely different perspective that substantively, and dramatically, improves the work.

    "At the end of our phone call, I was excited and eager to leap back into the writing. I felt like a kid with a chest full of brand new toys, and I couldn't wait to play with them. I will absolutely be calling on Joshua again, and anyone should feel confident doing the same."


-- Kevin Pettway, author of Heroes of Lesser Earth webcomic, and the Wars of Brighthaven books

    "I've had the horrible experience of being 60K words in, realized I was on the wrong track and had to rewrite the whole darn thing. It was stressful and time consuming. I vowed "never again!". The easy solution? Walk through the idea with Joshua and make sure I nail the theme, characters, and plot from page one. That little bit of upfront financial output saved me hundreds of writing hours, and you know what they say, "time is money."  Joshua challenged me to get the concept crystal clear in my head right from the beginning, and even suggested reading material for research. I totally recommend this service!"

-- Louisa Lo, author of the Vengeance Demon books

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