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Mood and Atmosphere e-book


Mood and Atmosphere defines and delves into the 8 primary tools used to create the emotional framework of your story--its emotionality--by breaking them down into easy-access chapters on:

  • Plot and structure blueprinting your intended emotionality

  • Pacing that steers your story line-by-line and chapter-by-chapter

  • Language and word choice guiding your story in the most direct relationship with readers

  • Setting developing an atmosphere that will make readers experience your world

  • Character expression creating powerful moods that will make readers feel their traumas and triumphs

  • Conflict controlling the ebb and flow of your emotionality throughout your story

  • Theme acting as the conductor, setting your emotionality to a purpose

  • Reader expectation and what promises you must keep or can use to throw in twists  

Mood and Atmosphere e-book

  • If you would like .MOBI or .PDF in addition to your .EPUB, just let me know!

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