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Worldbuilding  e-book


Worldbuilding is divided into a detailed introduction and 6 comprehensive, easy-to-access dilemmas that I most often see plaguing authors' worldbuilding. It explains how to avoid those dilemmas from the start, and fix them if they're already there. They are:

  • The 6 primary kinds of infodumps

  • Over-building, not knowing when to stop, adding the wrong details, and misunderstanding the economy of comprehension

  • Boring readers with unnecessary info, becoming derivative, and being unable to bring the world to life

  • Maintaining consistency through a book or series, missing common continuity-breakers, developing unbalanced worlds, and being unable to keep track of all the details

  • Homogenized worlds in structure, government, culture, peoples, and settings, and being unable to find inspiration for the creation of new and marvelous things 

  • Stale worlds lacking broadening, deepening, and evolution.


Worldbuilding e-book

  • If you would like .MOBI or .PDF in addition to your .EPUB, just let me know!

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