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     One printed book, two subjects.

     With the success of the Kickstarter campaigns, I was able to produce this high-quality, beautiful book on writing that you'll be proud to have on your shelf, and will want to reference over and over. 

      Each Kickstarter special-edition flipbook has two subjects in a single volume. One subject on one side, flip it, and find the second subject on the other side. Unless I do a super-duper special-edition sometime down the road, this printing will always be the best print version of this book.


     Whether you’re an adept or a neophyte, this special-edition flipbook of Action Sequences & Sex Scenes will help you write better action. Which kind of pow, bang, and boom we’re talking about is up to you!

Action Sequences

Action Sequences is divided into 8 easy-to-access dilemmas that I most frequently see plaguing action scenes, like missing emotional penetration, research, melodramatics, and setting and blocking. Each section offers a deep dive with examples into the subject matter, plus a bunch of sidebar Pro Tips and exercises.

Sex Scenes

Sex Scenes delves into the multitude of complex and difficult aspects of writing sex scenes in fiction. I go into detail on if and when you should include a sex scene, how far you should go, what a sex scene should do for your story, and most importantly, what it should do for your characters. I go through the most common mistakes I see and how to fix them, and even include a list of words you should probably put on your no-fly list. In the margins you’ll find more Pro Tips and exercises to help you through.

Action Sequences & Sex Scenes, flipbook

    • 100 pages
    • 8" x 5.25"
    • matt finish w/#60 white paper
    • flip book
    • free shipping continental USA
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