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Ethereal Entanglements
Unwilling Souls
Ungrateful God
Set in Stone
A Stones Throw
No Stone Unturned
Song of the Summer King
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Destroyer's Empire 1
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Destroyer's Empire, part 1
by Tiffany Brazell
Destroyer's Empire 2
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Destroyer's Empire, part 2
Tiffany Brazell
Destroyer's Empire 3
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Destroyer's Empire, part 3
Tiffany Brazell
The Lost Legend of Jevalya
The Minder's Bond
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The Minder's Bond
by Kary English
Fantasy short story
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    These are the books my clients have published so far. Note that not all the titles attributed to them in the testimonials section may be present here. If they are not, that simply means the manuscript we worked on together has not yet seen paper, or digital ink.