A forthcoming pentology, each book covers two subjects of the most-common issues I see in fiction as a full-time editor.

Essoe's Guides to Writing


     Whether you’re an adept or a neophyte, this book will help you write better action. Which kind of pow, bang, and boom we’re talking about is up to you!

Action Sequences is divided into 8 easy-to-access dilemmas that I most frequently see plaguing action scenes, like missing emotional penetration, research, melodramatics, and setting and blocking. Each section offers a deep dive with examples into the subject matter, plus a bunch of sidebar Pro Tips and exercises.

Sex Scenes delves into the multitude of complex and difficult aspects of writing sex scenes in fiction. I go into detail on if and when you should include a sex scene, how far you should go, what a sex scene should do for your story, and most importantly, what it should do for your characters. I go through the most common mistakes I see and how to fix them, and even include a list of words you should probably put on your no-fly list. In the margins you’ll find more Pro Tips and exercises to help you through.

     With the success of my Kickstarter campaign, I was able to produce the first in the series, a high-quality, beautiful book on writing that you'll be proud to have on your shelf and will want to reference over and over. Action Sequences & Sex Scenes is a 100-page flip book*, one subject on each side, with covers and design by James Artimus Owen

     Currently this is the only place to get print copies of the book, and this custom edition from Kickstarter will always be the best printing.

*Please note that digital media being what it is, the e-book is not a flip book.

#1: Action Sequences & Sex Scenes