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A series addressing ten subjects from my perspective as a developmental editor with 13 years of full-time experience at tackling authors’ most-common writing dilemmas.

Essoe's Guides to Writing


     One printed book, two subjects.

     With the success of the Kickstarter campaigns, I was able to produce the first two flipbooks in the series. High-quality, beautiful books on writing that you'll be proud to have on your shelf, and will want to reference over and over. 

     Whether you’re an experienced author or totally new, these books will help you become a stronger, more confident, and more proficient writer.

      Each Kickstarter special-edition flipbook has two subjects in a single volume. One subject on one side, flip it, and find the second subject on the other side. The regular editions--to be released later--will see each subject as a separate book. All subjects will be separated into their own e-books from the start because you can't do a digital flipbook! But, unless I do a super-duper special-edition sometime down the road, this printing will always be the best print version of these books.

     Currently this is the only place to get them, digital or otherwise. I plan to release wide sometime in 2023.

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